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Tech Xpress aims to report each of the technology story in the deepest, unbiased and simplest way, with the up-to-date info, making this as a resource for any phone enthusiast to learn about the present, the past and the expectations for the near future in the world of mobile phones. There are countless number of gadgets in the current tech arena, but a big percentage of that gets connected through mobile phones. Tech Xpress concentrates to bring the best in the mobile phone section, in a way that a user always would have wanted to read.

The platform is new, but the people behind it aren’t. The team at Tech Xpress has been into the reportage, storytelling and reviewing since a few years, and Advices Media (the team behind it) has been reporting and reviewing the tech products for millions of viewers from around the world. The time has come to get deeper into a particular section, and it’s Mobile Phones which our readers have been craving to get latest updates about.

The Tech Xpress Team :-

Sonam Patel (Editor-in-Chief)

Sonam Patel is the CEO, co-founder of Tech Xpress . She has managed the Tech Xpress channel on Youtube, reporting stuff about Technology. You would see him wearing a random smartwatch or a band in his videos, thanks to the enthusiasm and dependence on them for making life easier.

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